Editing text

You can edit and retype text you have already written, including changing the font, color, size, rotation, and location.

To edit text, first select and highlight the text you want to edit.

Changing the text color

Select the letters whose color you want to change.

In a color palette, select the new color.The selected text will change color.


Changing the text size, position, and angle

Select the Operation > Object tool or the Text tool and select the text.The handles and bounding box will appear.

To resize the text, check that the Mode in the Tool Property palette is set to Scale, Scale/Rotate, or Scale/Rotate/Skew, then drag the handles outward or inward.(Note: This will only resize the text if Wrap text at frame is turned off.)

You can also resize the text with the Size value in the Tool Property palette.


To move text, press the inside of the bounding box and drag to the desired location.You can hold Shift to move the text horizontally, vertically, or along a 45-degree angle.


To rotate text, hover the pen or cursor outside the text box until a rounded arrow appears.Drag the text in the direction you want to rotate it, and release to fix the new position.

Hold down Shift to rotate in increments of 45 degrees.

You can also edit the angle using the Rotation angle setting in the Tool Property palette or the Sub Tool Detail palette.


Distorting text

When a text box is selected, check the Mode in the Tool Property palette is set to Skew or Scale/Rotate/Skew, then drag the handles on the text box to skew the text.


You can also use the menu command Edit > Transform > Skew when a text layer is selected to activate the transformation box.

Alternately, you can skew text using the settings in the Sub Tool Detail > Transformation settings group.When the Mode in the Tool Property palette is set to Skew or Scale/Rotate/Skew, change the values of Skew (horizontal) and Skew (vertical) to distort the text.

For other types of transformation, such as Perspective or Mesh Transform, you need to rasterize the text layer.

Adding a border

To add a border to text, use the Sub Tool Detail palette > Edge setting.You can set the desired thickness and color for the edge effect.

You can also use the layer effect in the Layer Property palette to add a border around text.However, if this is used with a Balloon layer, the border effect will appear around the balloon, not the text.


Editing multiple text boxes

You can edit multiple text boxes at once using the Tool Property palette and Sub Tool Detail palette, for example to apply the same font sizes or to transform the text.

Use the following methods to select multiple text boxes.

·Using the Text sub tool or the Object sub tool, hold Shift and tap each of the text boxes on the canvas or drag on the canvas to make a selection.If using the Text tool, you can select multiple text boxes within a single text layer.

·Set the Text tool’s Tool Property palette > Operation > Drag setting to Select text, then drag on the canvas to surround multiple text boxes.


Handles will appear around the selection area.You can drag these to move or rotate the selected text.See "Changing the text size, position, and angle".


Changes to the settings in the Tool Property palette or Sub Tool Detail palette will be applied to all of the selected text.