3D Tools

You can use 3D tools such as drawing figures, objects, backgrounds, characters, primitives, and panoramas in Clip Studio Paint.

3D Drawing Figures

3D drawing figures can have their body shape and pose changed.Body shapes set to 3D drawing figures can be saved as materials.They are registered under Body shape on the Material palette.


3D Object Materials

3D object materials are materials whose angles and materials (textures and colors) can be changed.You can find them in the Material palette in 3D > Small object and Background.

For materials containing multiple parts, you can adjust the position, size, etc.for each part.


Background also contains 3D backgrounds.3D object materials are marked with Ver.2 at the end of the material name.

3D Background Materials

3D background materials are background materials whose angle and material (material properties and color tone) can be changed.Unlike 3D Object materials, the size and position of each part cannot be adjusted.Only predetermined parts can be moved.

3D background materials are registered in 3D > Background in the Material palette.They are also available on Clip Studio Assets.

How to tell 3D object materials and 3D background materials apart

The following methods can be used to tell 3D object materials and 3D background materials apart.

·Select a material in the Material palette to show more details, and the file type is shown under Type. If no details display, tap the palette menu > View Material Details.

·You can select the 3D background or 3D object tags from the Material palette's tag list to filter the selected material type.

·In Clip Studio Assets, the material type is shown under the material’s thumbnail.



Primitives include the following basic shapes: Cube, Sphere, Prism, Pyramid, Plane, and Polygon. You can adjust the number of corners and the length, width, and depth of the material by using manipulators on the canvas.You can also change colors and apply textures.Primitives can be assembled like blocks to create background effects, etc.

You can find Primitives in the Material palette under 3D > Primitive.


3D Head Model

3D head models can be used to mold and save character faces or heads to see them in 3D space.They are in the Material palette under 3D > Head.


3D Character Materials

3D character materials are character materials whose pose, facial expression and the like can be changed.They are in the Material palette under 3D > Character.


Panorama Materials

This is a 360-degree background image that you can set on a 3D layer.You can use them for both 3D works and for illustration backgrounds.They are stored in the Materials palette under 3D > Panorama.